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Winter Shelter in 2020-2021

No. Please see below for our alternative plans.

Yes, and this year things will look different. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and safety precautions, TCH is following CDC and HUD guidance to prevent spread among vulnerable clients and the staff members who serve them. Whereas in past years our shelter provided a large open sleeping space for overnight guests, TCH is now focused on long-term housing for independent living. 


Earlier this year, TCH launched an intensive campaign to secure much-needed affordable housing for our vulnerable clients. We secured a grant for emergency motel vouchers to provide referral-based temporary housing. We also applied for and received Homekey funding to purchase three (3) SRO properties which will be used for affordable housing with on-site services.

As mentioned above, TCH is providing emergency shelter alternatives through several unique programs. Please contact our team for more information or to request a program intake and assessment: email info@tahoehomeless.org or call (530) 655 8456.

The properties were purchased as part of Project Homekey, a statewide program funded by the Federal CARES emergency package for COVID-19 response efforts. The funds go directly to the acquisition of the properties, and TCH secured philanthropic funding to subsidize the initial operating expenses in addition to tenant rents.

Each of the three (3) SRO properties is approximately 25 units, with an additional on-site manager’s unit at each location. All of the properties are located in non-residential areas along the main transit corridors of Emerald Bay Rd. and Lake Tahoe Blvd. We will share more information as we assume ownership and move into full operations.

Our plan is not to displace anyone currently living in the units. Some of the current residents will qualify for the Homekey program and will be supported to ensure they have access to appropriate resources to remain stably housed. Some residents may already be stably housed but paying too much in rent, or living in too small a unit for their household size. We will provide options for households to support their goals and needs. Every resident household will be provided with supportive services to identify appropriate housing options. No one will be displaced or evicted without cause.

Our incoming neighbors will be screened according to standard eligibility criteria, including vulnerability, medical fragility, homeless status, and other factors. All clients must be referred from the Coordinated Entry System’s existing By-Name-List of households who qualify for assistance. Our selection process prioritizes the South Shore’s most vulnerable neighbors.

All residents will sign agreements that outline clear program guidelines and behavioral expectations. Staff will oversee adherence to these agreements on a daily basis and make decisions about denial of service for any serious concerns.

Program participants will be connected to critical resources and stabilizing health connections, and then supported to secure permanent housing. Our skilled Services team provides a comprehensive suite of supportive services at each location, and will be available 24/7 to respond to client emergencies, as needed.

Our Housing team collectively has decades of experience managing affordable housing. Our team will be available for all property-related concerns, such as maintenance, landscaping, parking, security, etc. Our Services team will be on site throughout the day to offer support to clients, and is available on a 24/7 basis to respond to emergencies.

If you’re concerned about yourself or an unsheltered neighbor, please contact our team at (530) 655 8456. Anyone who calls our team can ask questions about our services, complete an initial intake appointment, and receive referrals for immediate support. All of our housing placements are selected from the Coordinated Entry System’s By Name List, which prioritizes our most vulnerable clients through a standard process.

We love volunteers and donors! We offer many opportunities to contribute your skills, time, and support, including meal prep and delivery for medically fragile clients, winter dog walking for homebound clients, holiday decorating and gift baskets, transportation to medical appointments, phone calls to prevent loneliness among isolated seniors, and many other helpful activities. We promise you’ll come away with a full heart and tons of gratitude.

Who can I ask if I have more questions?

If you have questions about Tahoe Coalition, sign up for volunteer or donation opportunities, or learn more about our supportive services or affordable housing programs, please email info@tahoehomeless.org or call (530) 600 2822.